Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention unit is the main link between the community and the police department. In order to continue to convey a positive message of crime prevention; the unit is responsible for the following programs and functions.

  • The Neighborhood Watch Program – helping neighbors work together, and with their police department, to reduce the crime in their community.
  • The Stranger Danger Program – educating children how to recognize “dangerous strangers” and how to tell the warning signs of these dangers and how to react if confronted with them.
  • Operation Identification – registering bicycles with the police department in order to increase the possibility of returning their property if it gets stolen and recovered.
  • Safety Patrol Awards Program – The Huber Heights Police Department works with the local VFW post, CiCi’s Pizza, and The Huber Heights Optimist Club to host awards luncheons once a month for safety patrollers in the HH City Schools. The Safety Patrol Advisor of each school picks two of their patrollers to be the Safety Patrol Officers of the Month. These officers are treated to CiCi’s Pizza for lunch along with all the other schools’ officers of the month. The Crime Prevention Officer is present, along with a local media representative.
  • Residential and Commercial Property Inspections – The Crime Prevention Officer will inspect your home or business and give advice about how to “harden the targets” or make you less of a target for criminal activity. This includes ideas drawn from training in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) philosophies.
  • Child Identification Kits – HHPD stocks a specially designed child identification kit that parents can complete on their time, at their home, where children feel safe and comfortable. This kit includes everything the parent needs to fingerprint their child and collect data and DNA to have on hand when a child is missing. We found that waiting in a line for an hour at a mall or event made children, and parents, frustrated and the fingerprints lacked quality sometimes. Parents also did not have some information on hand at these events to properly fill out the forms. At home, parents have this information and can complete the kit with ease. Note: The kits are available upon request.
  • McGruff the Crime Dog – McGruff can make appearances and pass on the crime prevention message at your next event. No group too large or small McGruff can’t handle.
  • Workplace Violence Programs – The Crime Prevention Unit conducts workplace violence trainings, and self-defense strategies upon request.
  • Drug Awareness Programs -   The Crime Prevention Unit conducts drug awareness programs with the Huber Heights City Schools and private groups and organizations.
  • COPS – Concentrating on positive stuff is an anti-bullying program lasting twelve weeks targeting 5th grade classes at St Peters school. The class deals with the issues of bullying, teasing, conflict management, and drug awareness.
  • Huber Heights Police Explorers Post 57 – A youth program co- sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. Post 57 is designed to increase the understanding between the youth of the community and the Huber Heights Police Department. It also guides qualified young men and women into a career in Law Enforcement. It provides the opportunity for citizenship, service, fitness, social, and vocational experiences necessary for young men and women to be better prepared to take their places in the community as citizens.

This unit is also responsible for the media relations or public information function for the Huber Heights Police Division and handles most of the media contacts on cases the police division is handling.  You can contact Sgt. Charles Taylor at (937) 237-3556 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for public information requests.  You can contact Officer Ed Savard for Crime Prevention concerns at (937) 237-3567 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..