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Our community was known as Wayne Township, Montgomery County, Ohio until 1981. This area was protected and served by the proud men and women of the Wayne Township Police Department. When the township incorporated into the City of Huber Heights, Ohio in January, 1981 - the police officers became members of the new Huber Heights Police Department and they continued their service to the residents and visitors of the new City of Huber Heights, Ohio!

We are working to find and include more historical data regarding The Wayne Township Police Department and officers who served during this time.

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Anyone with pictures of Wayne Township police officers or vehicles who wish to share them with us are encouraged to contact Sergeant Brandon Sucher at 937-237-3610 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send Sergeant Sucher an email.

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Wayne Township Police Badge
The Wayne Township Police Patch
Huber Heights Police Badge until 2008


The Huber Heights Police Division Patch
Officers Schneider and Hileman in the 1970s, with a marijuana plant
Officer Robbie Redcross helps accident victims